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Anyone who can help out with a couple of API integrations? [HIRING]

Hi! I’m looking to use Bubble’s API Connector to connect with a couple of different tools. Can anyone help?


Which tools?

Generally using Bubble’s API connector is very straight forward. It’s only fiddly custom Oauth implementations that make API integrations tricky.

There are so many plugins, and searching for them in the marketplace is very difficult but your integration may already exist.

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Vimeo! We’re currently using the UploadCare plug-in to let users upload files, and then using zapier to upload them to Vimeo. I’ve tried playing around with it, but no luck yet.

The other tool we’re looking at is Speak.Ai, they have API docs available here:

I’ve looked! I can’t find that works well, we’re looking to replace the UploadCare plug-in by Zeroqode. It does everything we need, but UploadCare costs us $300+ a month!

There is a free Vimeo plugin. Vimeo Plugin | Bubble - Why not upload direct to Vimeo? What are the special features you are using from the Uploadcare plugin?

I can help you with that if you need some screen sharing help to get you up and running?

And the Uploadcare API doesn’t look especially unusual. But at 300/month :face_vomiting:

Hi @eman
Is there a specific functionality that you are interested in implementing?
If not, @lindsay_knowcode makes a good point about the Vimeo Plugin

In any case, I can help you out on a quick call.


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Mostly the front-end plugin interface that Uploadcare has! I like that we’re able to upload via Google Drive, Dropbox, desktop etc.

We also don’t want users to have to log in to Vimeo (the existing plugin needs people to have their own Vimeo accounts!)

And yes please, for a call and a screenshare! Would you DM me your hourly rates?

Hey! So like I told @lindsay_knowcode, the existing plugin needs people to log into their Vimeo accounts.

With UploadCare they can upload their videos from Drive/Box/Desktop and then we zap the link and upload it to Vimeo.

This uses hosted server-side ‘companion code’ to accomplish. Uploadcare takes care of that plus the server bandwidth required to fetch files from these cloud providers and direct the files to vimeo. As it stands with the current API connector and plugin environment, this may be possible, but might be surprisingly tricky.

  • The Vimeo API documentation says it can upload a video from a hosted file URL, which dropbox or drive can provide.
  • Can you find a way for users to log into their cloud storage using the available plugins and get a shareable file link to pass to the vimeo API?

My questions about the above solution would be:

  • I don’t think there is a dropbox plugin that allows end users to log in and browse their files. (I may be wrong)
  • Not clear if creating a generated sharable URL would be a feature of either the dropbox or drive API plugins in bubble marketplace even if their APIs can theoretically do this.
  • Both Dropbox and google drive APIs provide “extensionless” temporary share links. (i.e. a dropbox or drive url might look like instead of I don’t know if vimeo would be able to recognize this kind of URL and be able upload the file. I know dropbox allows you to make a permanent share link with an extension, but users may not want you doing this. Drive I don’t believe has that option at all to create a share link URL with an extension.
  • What does the login and dialog user flow look like for dropbox or drive? you would need to construct all of this in bubble and test it.

It gets confusing. This isn’t simply wiring up known API endpoints, theres research and a lot of work that would need to go into this to know if it is even possible to do :slight_smile: Hence why uploadcare exists.


Transloadit makes the UPPY plugin which is a nice free file picker with the capability of connecting drive and dropbox. There is a free bubble-wrapped (hah just realize what I wrote there) plugin for it. I know because I made it. HOWEVER, the features of dropbox and drive require “uppy companion” which is server-software that must be hosted somewhere (AWS, etc). Since that part isn’t free and bubble doesn’t support server-side environment for plugins which is capable of handling uppy companion, I didn’t include it in the plugin. However, anyone could implement this. At $300 a month it may be worth paying a developer to build that for you…

So the awesome @eman sponsored me to make a plugin so solve this. There is no need to use any 3rd party service - just pure Bubble and Vimeo. Plenty of videos on the service page to walk you through the Vimeo and Bubble setup.