Uploadcare (or other!) -Any ideas if there is a way to allow users to 'trim' the videos that they are uploading?

So, I love the uploadcare plugin by zerocode (thanks @levon). I have a question that would solve a really big problem for me…

What I need is a way for the user to be able to upload a video, but ‘trim’ it, essentially uploading part of the video instead of the whole thing.

Is there a way of doing this??



Are you using a streaming service?

No, at the moment the process is this:
-User creates a new ‘project’
-user uploads files (images or video)
-Our system (not bubble) automagically edits the video and posts to Vimeo
-Users ‘project’ is updated on the bubble app with a download link to their finished video.

The bit I’m struggling with is fairly simple but seemingly impossible :(. What I’d like is where the user currently uses uploadcare to send the files to me I would like a solution where they can ‘trim’ the videos thereby only sending the bits that will appear in the final video, this is because no human editor will be involved in the process to do it for them. BAsically it’s like with images, using uploadcare they can crop or add effects to the images as they upload them, I wish they could trim them (like you can on imovie etc!). I don’t really mind if there is another step in the process, or a different upload system.

I may be pushing the limits of bubble/uploadcare with this?

For that I would look towards Cloudinary. I’m working on a plugin for that system now.

I would be very interested in that plugin if it could do what I’m after. Either that or someone to implement the api calls for me? I think I’m testing the limits of my time/ability so maybe I need to pay someone to do this for me? PM me if interested.