Anyway to allow user to move map marker?


I am setting the initial marker to be the users current location on the google map but then I would like to allow the user to drag that marker around to really narrow down the entry point of his/her location.

As far I know, the goggle map plugin in Bubble does not support marker drag and drop natively. I think it only support to specify the location thru workflow. I think you will have to integrate a 3rd party widget via iFrame HTML which allows the marker drag and drop capability.

Hi @shawn.chaudhery. I have achieved this. Have the map marker set to Center address


I have the map load to centre on the users current location then they can drag the map around to centre on the address they want to save

When saving also use maps center address


One note though - there is a current bug report on this for users in Australia. May be for other regions as well. Forum users testing this for me tell me it works fine in the northern hemisphere

You can get the same effect (as above) by allowing them to move the map but keeping the “target” fixed in the centre of the map, and then dropping a pin.

Oh that is a good workaround…the initial question was to move the marker not the map. Good to know :wink:

Great suggestion @NigelG but how does a user drop a pin?

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