Drag and Drop geographic position

Good Morning Bubble!-

How would a current user set a geographic location without an address or current user location? I would like my users to “drop a pin” essentially to a destination they may or may not be near and I would like to save that in the database. Any ideas?

Thank you!


Follow the following steps:
1-Draw a map element.
2-In the property panel put markers to none. and make the address the center of the map
3-Draw an icon on the top of the map & choose “marker” icon
4-Group the marker and the map into one group
5-Center the Marker icon horizontally and vertically.

Your user will be able to drag the map to the desired location. You can read that to the database given that the field is of type geographic location.


@MrMaker that worked like a charm! Thank you!

If you’re reading this

This step is found in the workflow when trying to record the position (save the address to the database) this is the only step that took me a little while to work through, as I was looking for that on the map element (more than likely operator error haha).

Everything described above is exactly how it needs to work.

One other note (probably only if your new) do not adjust the group size of the icon and the map it will throw off the center of the map when centering the icon vertically and horizontally.

Genius! A simple approach to a complex problem.
It works!

I looked up for this solution for so long! thank you very much for posting this simple yet awesome workaround!