Anyway to make the map movable with one finger (as opposed to two) when looking at it on an iPhone?

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So i do want zoom and dragging. I just want it to happen with one finger as opposed to two

So use one finger? It’s working fine for me. What iPhone, version, and what browser are you using?

Are you talking about zooming in with one finger or dragging?

The Google Maps bubble element automatically tells me to use two fingers if I try use one finger to move the map around.

I tried it with an iphone 6 and iphone x

I mean just dragging. On most apps, you can drag with just one finger.

Do you have the ‘allow zooming and dragging’ checked?

I do have it checked.

I don’t think that’s the Built in bubble maps. Are you using a plugin?

it is not a plugin. You dont experience this problem on your iPhone?

No. Can you share a view-only link to your editor?

If the page the map is on can scroll, the map will ask for two fingers. If the page the map is on can’t scroll then the map will let you free drag with one finger like in a native app.

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My app page scrolls on mobile and doesn’t require two fingers to drag and zoom.

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