One finger to scroll Map

Hello bubblers! I’ve been working on this project that requires me to use map, I’ve successfully connected the API key and it’s working but the client said instead of two fingers scroll, he prefers one. Please how do I go about it?

What map are you using? If the user scrolls on the map with one finger, how would they scroll down the page?

Depends the map provider you are using, but they generally allow this functionality in their setup.
As an example, Google Maps API allows you to set the ‘gestureHandling’ to ‘greedy’, so all touch gestures on the map would pan or zoom the map.
As @georgecollier rightly points out, you have to keep in mind how this affects page scrolling. On full-screen maps it works very well.

Force-formatting bubble elements isn’t something I generally like doing. Maybe some other Bubbler can suggest a way to do this.

This plugin offers gesture handling setting. It is slightly more advanced than the standard bubble map element, however it is a lot more powerful.

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