Scrolling Map With one Finger on Mobile

Hi All,

Running into an issue when using the default map on mobile. I am being prompted to use two fingers to navigate the map— which is not the desired user experience. Is there a way to navigate the app with one finger?

Happy to provide more screenshots and I appreciate the help as always!

From what i remember, you cannot do this with the Bubble native map, as the map does not let you change the ‘Gesture Handling’ property of the map.

Try using this plugin, its a good plugin with more features than the native map element.

This plugin lets you set the map’s gesture handling to ‘greedy’, which allows map panning with a single finger. Keep in mind that you should set up your page so that scrollling is not needed, because users wont be able to scroll.

Thank you so much! Will try this and let you know how it goes