Help with Signature Pad

Hi there,

I am trying to save the signature to my database but it either comes up as a link I cannot access (if formatted as text) or blank if formatted as an image. Can someone tell me what to do here? Please see the current workflow when the submit button is pressed at the end of the form.


Hey @c.maxwell1,

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You need to save the signature’s image url under a field in your database, then display it using an image element


Hi Johnny, that’s for this. When I saved it this way previously it appeared in the databse as the signature but now it’s not. Could you talk me through your process?

Thanks for your help!

Can anyone help at all with giving me a talk through on how to make this work?

Are you still having issues @c.maxwell1? I just finished up a signature pad plugin for my own purposes that I believe would help you with this.



Hello Jared, I have the same problem. I saw your example, this is what I am looking for. How do you do to create the signature output ? Thanks

Hi @jared.gibb ,

Can you please share how you did this?