Apear when hoverd

hello i need some help ,I’m encountering an issue with a hover interaction on my Bubble.io app. When I hover over a group, it’s supposed to disappear and another group should appear, but I’m facing a flickering effect

I have two groups, Group A and Group B, positioned exactly on top of each other in a mother group. Group A is supposed to hide and Group B should appear when I hover over Group A. However, when I place the mouse on Group A, it flashes quickly and only disappears if the mouse is kept still for several seconds or clicked even i made sure that its not clickable.

thank you in advance.

Ah yes, the infinite loop conditional.

As soon as the group is hovered, the conditional makes the group not visible, but now the group isn’t visible so i’ts not hovered, so now it’s visible again, but now its hovered, so its not visible, but now its not hovered…

I dont blame it.

If the ‘mother’ group perfectly contains the two groups you could change ‘Group A is hovered’ to ‘Parent/Mother Group is hovered’.
Otherwise there are ways to trigger workflows when elements are hovered, and you can use the ‘Show/Hide/toggle’ workflow actions which will avoid conflicts.