Weird result after hover menu option

Why it is so bad?
I hovered button and here is the result. I’ve just set my mouse on the button for a while.

Firstly, I tried to use group and hide it when hovered, but it was very awful, on the video it is shape.

Hey there :wave:

So when you use a conditional to hide something on hover it will do an endless loop. This is what is happening:

Element 1 is hovered then hide Element 1.

Element 1 becomes not hovered because it is hidden, causing it to un hide.

Then repeats because it is hovered Element 1 will hide again.

Repeat again and again.

If you really need to hide something on hover you can always put the condition on both elements by saying:

If Element 1 is hovered or Element 2 (The element underneath) is hovered then hide Element 1.

I hope that makes sense.


Hope that helps! :blush:

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