Element is flicking when hovered


I’ve created this group that is only visible when the image is hovered. For some reason, every time I hover the image, this group flickers non-stop and doesn’t stay put.
What must be creating this problem?

Thank you!

You have an overlay group (ie: it is on top of another group) that has a conditional to be shown only when the group that it covers is hovered, therefore when you hover the group ‘Romance Covers’ you are showing the ‘Group Overlay’ which will then be on top of the group ‘Romance Covers’ so, you will no longer be hovering over the group ‘Romance Covers’ and instead will be hovering over the ‘Group Overlay’ so it will cause the ‘Group Overlay’ to not be visible anymore, which will then make it so you are hovering over the group ‘Romance Covers’ which will once again cause the ‘Group Overlay’ to be visible, which will cause the cycle to repeat itself.


So how would I make it work? :open_mouth:

I don’t know, it depends on what you are trying to do. What is the overlay group for? What does it have inside of it that needs to be shown only when the ‘romance cover’ group is hovered?

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It’s this that I’m trying to recreate. I can do exactly what I want when I make the condition: “when romance covers is pressed” but I would like it to exactly the same thing but when it’s hovered.
Screenshot 2021-05-12 at 20.06.08

There’s two options
A) Using only conditionnal
B) Using Conditionnal and WF

Let’s say Group A is the original display and group B is the overlay one that appear when a is hovered. Group B Should be hidden by default

Option A) Condition are only on group B. When Group A is hovered OR Group B is hovered, This element is visible (checked)

Option B) Condition only on group B. When Group B is hovered, this element is visible. Workflow. When condition is true. Run this Everytime. Condition when Group A is hovered. Action Animate Group B (use something like Transition ExpandIn)

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What ever you actually want to be displayed when the overlay group is hovered, have that as a separate group that is inside of the group overlay and maybe label it ‘overlay contents’…put a conditional on that group to be visible when overlay is hovered…make sure overlay is set with no background style so it is basically not seen. Have overlay group always visible and be sitting on top of the group “Romance Covers”

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Thank you so much. Option A worked perfectly! :slight_smile:

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