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API Backend Workflow Speed

Hello all. I am wondering if there is any way to increase the speed of the API response? I am essentially using the backend workflow sent as a POST that then sends certain data back. It then provides a popup with some data. I am coding this with lua.

  1. Button press
  2. API call to get certain details (let’s use user name and Id as examples)
  3. Notification that pops up (eg Hello John Doe your Id is 35)

I find that the notification DOES pop up but it seems to have a delay, not long at all maybe not even a whole second but seems to be a delay, ideally, I want it to be almost instant.

Is this possible?

If you want instant data when using API then you should be using a good database.
In your case I think that the database itself taking some time to query your username and Id and returning the matched record with name.

Which db are you using ?

Bubble’s own db?

Then why are u using API if you are on bubble db

To get data from bubble to another part of the web…