API call to create things is maxing me out with extra units

I have tried a pair this down to the most simple task to try and ascertain where my issue is. I’m currently in dev… No visitors.

I am making an API call and with the returned data I am creating a parent thing (one item) and for each item in the returned array im creating a child thing. Each child thing has 3 items of data (simple text) and I then add each child thing created and make a change to the master thing and and the child thing a list field of child things. So all in all I think pretty standard stuff.

For testing ive got my 2 initial units of capacity and have actually added an additional 2 totalling an extra $40 a month. So for units and all… And it’s maxing out hundred percent every time without fail.

Is anyone else having any issues with apps maxing out when creating, deleting or copying lists/arrays?

I get max warnings on test apps that don’t even get used between various cases… just use them as reminders to go and do a bit more work on them now… :upside_down_face:

Cheers for the comment Jarrad, im not the only one …not sure what else i go do to remove the burden. For deleting im not even using Bubble…Ive written some .php… i make a post call to then PHP endpoint pass a list of all the Unique ID and it then this recursively does through the array and makes a DELETE to the Data API. Works really well, far quicker and zero impact on resources…

It seems really inconsistent. I have an app with 800-ish users, and occasionally get an email saying I was at capacity for like fifteen minutes. I have another app with thirty users that hits the limit regularly.

By all measures, the first app is way more complex. The second app, though, uses API workflows to add items to users. I’m guessing this is my culprit

Yep thanks Andrew…its the API workflows that are the issue but ive got them down to the bare bone… the next thing is make more use of the BULK capability DATA API… this looks be the best approach in my case and then use the API workflows sparingly.

If there are some best practices around that you’d willing to share when you’ve gone that route, please do :slight_smile: I cannot imagine anyone NOT having any issues with maxing out using API workflows (on lists). :frowning: