API call working in Postman but not in Bubble

Hello i want to create an item on a Webflow collection from Bubble by API.

It works when i use Postman but not in Bubble, and i don’t see the difference .

My postman

My Bubble api call

The error

Thanks for your help

@ni.delalande Check headers in postman, they added content-type as default. So they may be missing in bubble.

Also, try removing access token from the url directly and added it as a parameter instead,

Also, I recomend to edit your Post to hide your access token.


Thank you, apparently a header with “Content-Type : application/json” was missing.

No worries for the access token it’s a test version.

@ni.delalande Ah yeah, great. If the problem is done please mark it as solved for documentation purpose :wink:

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Grat thanks! That solved also my issue.