Api Calls/Request Cost

I’m realizing to use some Api’s there is a cost and was hoping someone could explain the logistics of how calls are calculated and a somewhat realistic cost expectation.

I see Api’s for such things as NFL football with a basic plan of $10.99 a month and Requests of 25 / day quota +0.33 each.

Or others like Amazon Product Data Api: Basic plan includes 10k requests per month. Each query over that costs $0.003

If Im using bubble’s api connector to retrieve data to populate my application how do I know how many calls/requests are being made?

For instance from above, Amazon, lets say I want to load their 20 most popular products on my home page and refresh these 20 products at the end of each day in a 30 day month. Would that be considered 600 calls/requests a month? In hind sight now Im thinking it may be more because Id have to load the title of each, the price of each, the image of each and a description of each product (4 elements * 20 products * 30 days would it be 2,400 get requests? is there any back and forth communication thats charged)?

Appreciate any assistance as this is all new to me but I want to see what Im getting myself into before developing.