Monitoring google maps API costs and requests

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just seen that my google maps API requests are going through the roof compared to my Bubble app usage and I would like to know why.

In my google cloud console I see that I am using roughly 1000 requests per day, but it seems crazy to me compared to my users activity !

Today, I had roughly 65 visits my one page single app where 2 google maps are displayed, and it triggered 300 google maps requests.

How can I monitor, and know, when API requests are sent ?

Is there a way to control requests number for each user ?

Thank you for you help

Is that really a lot? If each of the maps make one request then that’s already 130 requests on page load from the 65 visits. Are users performing additional searches/interacting with the map or is it meant to show a static location? And did you restrict your API keys to your domain?