API calls stalled - TCP Connection Limit

Hey Gang,

Working on an app that has a need to make about 18 unique api calls to the same resource. I don’t have options to bundle them up into one.

Watching these in the chrome console it would appear they are blocked/stalled by a server connection limit.

Some quick googling has me understanding that Chrome has a limit of 6 connections, which the screenshot below seems to support – the first 6 calls head right out, but the rest have growing stall durations and start once an earlier call has completed:

Anybody deal with this already? Ideas on getting around/through this? Red herring, look elsewhere?

Thanks much!


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Ken Truesdale

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A quick work around would be to host said resource on multiple subdomains (3 in your case) and hit up these 3 subdomains simultaneously.

Thanks for the input Andrew!

These are api calls being run from the bubble server (/apiservice/doapicallfromserver), so not sure how I could go about doing that?

It seems like Bubble could bundle these all into a single call to the server, parse them out into their individual calls to the external resource before returning all the results…same as what they do for internal db searches.

I wonder if that could be implemented as a server-side action?

EDIT: What I mean is, to avoid the browser connection limitation, the HTTP requests could be made server-side and the results aggregated and returned. :thinking:

Hey Steve, thanks for that. It may be something I have to explore. I’m hoping @Bubble might have some thoughts on optimizing these calls without me developing a solution. @neerja any thoughts on this thread?