API Connector Access Code Not Updating

I’m integrating the SquareUp.com payment platform into my app. I’m using OAuth2 User-Agent Flow and have gotten it connected. (screenshot below of setup). Was getting some calls programmed, and working. when it randomly stopped working and now all I get is Authentication Errors.

I realize in the Dev app that the access code that bubble uses expires often and I have to go re-authenticate. I will do that with “debug_mode=true” and get the popup that says it was successful and I can continue programming… But I can’t, still getting authentication errors. Immediately after authenticating, the api connector shows the message “This API is setup with OAuth…” but if I refresh the page it will then show the red “your token is not valid anymore…” It has only been a few seconds since I authenticated.

Some troubleshooting I have noticed. I can re-authenticate as much as I want, I can also revoke permissions as much as I want. When I authenticate on bubble, the Square platform shows everything is good and working, and when I revoke on bubble, it shows that it has been revoked on Square. So from what I can tell the authentication is working.

Now I started running some stuff through pipedream.com and am able to see the Access code in there. I’ve noticed that even after the application has been revoked and re-authenticated, the access token bubble is giving isn’t updating. Is that correct? shouldn’t it be a new access token after it has been revoked?

Hi @rmrosek,

Not sure if this is something you are still interested in but we’ve just released a specific Square OAuth plugin to help you get this set up very easily, including detailed documentation.

Check it out and let us know: Square OAuth Plugin | Bubble