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Hi All,

We’ve released a useful new plugin, Square Seller Authorization (OAuth)!

The Square Seller Authorization (OAuth) plugin enables your app to request authorization and obtain Access Tokens from other Square sellers so that your Bubble app can manage their Square resources (such as customers) and payments for them.

All of our available Square plugins’ actions have an Access Token (OAuth) field so that you can use these actions on other sellers’ Square accounts rather than your own (for example, creating a customer in their Square Seller Dashboard). As an example, this is useful for Marketplace apps or if your app processes payments on users’ behalf.

  • NOTE - We highly recommend you read our documentation to help you understand how to manage users’ Access Tokens securely and responsibly.

Additional Information

Demo - Try the plugin!

Plugin Page - Install on your app.

Documentation - Detailed set up instructions.

Support & Feedback

Please comment below if you have any questions, feedback, feature request or need support.




Hi All,

We’ve taken the opportunity to do a small rebrand of this plugin from Square OAuth to Square Seller Authorization (OAuth).

Let us know if you spot any broken links or incorrectly labelled documentation.

We hope you will find it useful along-side our other Square plugins!



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Hi guys it looks like there might be an issue with your site docs.interwebb.co.uk i have tried numorous times to go onto it and it just keeps timing out

Hi @leigh.davidson.west - looks like the redirect has broken. Here is a direct link to the docs in the meantime.

Square Seller Authorization (OAuth) - NullaCode | Bubble Plugins and Templates



Thanks so much that’s a great help. I wondered if you have ever encountered.

{“statusCode”:400,“body”:{“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“Invalid state from oauth provider”}}

This error code once the user logs in with square after they get the url link