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Api Connector Access Denied

I am trying to connect to Blockscore’s API.

Their documentation says to “input your API key in the username field of the Basic auth prompt.”

When attempting to initialize I get an error: HTTP Basic: Access Denied

What am I doing wrong?

Here is my api call:

Here is an example request:

$ curl
-u sk_test_n5049aa6053c9a0217bea78070fbf501:
–header “Accept: application/vnd.blockscore+json;version=4”

Do I need to include the version in the header or something?

Documentation: Blockscore

Thanks in advance.

I think your auth key needs to go in the header, not as a parameter.

It will be something like …

Key : Authorization
Value : Basic sk_test_3873bb…

I think you will also need to add …

Key : Accept
Value : application/vnd.blockscore+json;version=4

…in the header.

Thank you for your suggestion. Looks like I’m on the right track here. Although, I’m getting an error that says the supplied API key is invalid. I’ll have to reach out to them tomorrow. Thank you.