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API with Auth Key / HTTPS?

I imagine this is very easy, but I’m new and have been struggling with this for days. I can’t find any videos about this case. I SO appreciate any help!

How do I connect this type of API? It has a Basic Auth / HTTPS requirement, so I need something more than just a typical set up.

Your Authorization header should look like this:

Authorization: Basic YTcxODNlMWI3ZTlhYjA5YjhhNWNmYTg3ZDE5MzRjM2M6
Most HTTP clients will automatically use a given username and password to generate the required Authorization header. However, you may need to explicity set this header. The header has the following format:

Authorization: Basic <base64(“username:password”)>

Here’s the documentation:

Without a username I can’t initalize it, but try…

Thank you for the help!! That is what I currently have, however, I keep getting this message:

Raw response for the API
Status code 401
{“message”:“Invalid Basic Auth credentials”}

If you Message me a valid username and I can trouble shot it for you.

thanks! the username is an api key related directly to my account, so I can’t share it out.

I’m thinking it’s related to this: Authorization: Basic <base64(“username:password”)>

I just cant figure out how to do that in bubble

In that case it should be…

Woof, I’ve tried that too to no avail. Thank you for validating my tries! I still get the same 401

Go to to create your base64 encoded string.

It should be username:password (of course, with your information)

Click encode. Then copy that string and paste it in to the api connector.

Username: Authorization
Password: Basic base64ecodedstring (ensure there is a space after basic)

If that doesn’t work, you can try switching to ‘self handled’ and create a shared header with the same values as above.

Was about to suggest the same. Be sure to add a colon at the end of the username key “usernamekey:”

I’ve tried this, but maybe I’m missing something.
For this screenshot I’ve used APIKEY where I would put my direct Api Key, then BASECODEDAPIKEY where I would put the same key, but then translated using base code.

What am I doing wrong here?

It should be Private key in header

Than, based on the API docs, you need to encode your username with a single colon appended to the end.

example username: (note the colon at the end)

Take that username string and run it through the base64 encode website

Paste the encoded result string as the Auth key like so:

Without a real username I really can’t help much more. Good luck.

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wooooooo!!! that really helped!

the call goes through now, but it’s not showing a list of anything, so troubleshooting that now.

thank you!

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