API Connector Actions do not show parameters

Hi Community,

I’ve created a simple API Call with the API Connector Plugin. It’s set as an Action. However, when calling that action from a Backend Workflow, it doesn’t let me pass in a url parameter which makes the call a bit pointless. Am I missing a technicality or limitation? Maybe a misunderstanding?

The API works for other calls as data, with a parameter available for setting in data editor. Note: I didn’t add the actual URL or Value to the screenshot for privacy.

Including screenshots of config:

For other context. I’m make one call to an 3rd party api endpoint to get a profile, then save those values to a profile. If there are better components for this, I’m open to suggestions.

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You’ve got the parameter set to ‘Private’…

Uncheck the Private box and you’ll be able to define the parameter values in your workflow.

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Thank you. Being both blind and dumb is so hard.

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