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Can't pass parameters valued through API connector

Hi, I am not sure what I am missing but I have been struggling with this for more than few hours.
The whole thing work only when I hardcode the values like here below:

Here is how I set-up the endpoint and the parameters:

And here I created an API workflow that runs at currente date& time, I also assign the inputs coming from the UI…

Not sure why the parameters are not passing…the whole thing works only if i put the values, as shown in the first picture.

Any help is appreciated!

What does your Zapier action look like in the API workflow? Not the event, which you’ve already shown, the action…

Hi Roman

Thanks for writing back! Here is the screenshot:

Also have this:

Figure it out!! Had to set up the parameters as not private and then they showed up to be filled in the action. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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