API Connector: Allow Blank Error

I am integrating the getNFTsByWallet endpoint by Moralis into my website with a token_addresses array. However, I face an issue while initializing the endpoint because to be initialized correctly, it requires a wallet address string that owns one of the NFTs from the token address provided. When the endpoint looks at a user with no tokens, it refers back to the initialized wallet, falsely stating that the user with zero tokens has one token by count.

There is a checkbox parameter setting in the API connector called “allow blank”, which prevents a parameter default value to be used for initialization from being sent to the client or workflow inputs. However, when this is used, I get errors on every API call, and initialization result.

Any recommendations on how to work around the default value, or utilize the allow blank method?

In most case this is because Bubble doesn’t remove the key and send something like “key”:"" or “key”:“null” while the API will expect “key”:null or to remove the key. The solution depend on the body your are sending

So there is no solution?

Yes… but it’s depend of your body.
Are you using parameters? JSON body? what the API need? JSON? url form?

The endpoint is calling a GET request.