API Connector issue with "Allow blank"

Hello Bubblers,
While calling an API GET through the API Connector plugin, I always get only the first URL parameter from a list, in particular the parameter is fixed to the one used to “Initialize call”, even if my URL paraments is blanked after the call, and the “Allow blank” is flagged.

The clear evidence of this is in the logs, where 0x20eb… address is the one used to initialize the API, and the call report always that one, even if another 0x4DD… address is passed to the call:

The thing doesn’t change even changing the API endpoint used to make the call.

Moreover, while using the API as a “Type of thing”, I only have the choise of the 0x20eb… address:

Does anybody have an idea of why this behavior and how to fix it? :slight_smile:

Thank you!!

What I see from DOC make me think you cannot use API Connector for this kind of API. The API payload structure is a dictionnary and Bubble API Connector doesn’t work well with this. You may create your own plugin with server side call or use another tool (maybe like make)

thanks Jici!
Make (integromat) could be my preferred alternative, I just need to practice.

That’s so pity I cannot run this all in Bubble.io (except for using a custom script of course), considering what I saw, it all depends on a little development required to the API Connector, I guess.

However, discovering Make could be a good for other things I have in min :slight_smile:

hey there, just an update. I discovered it was not the API Connector fault, it’s just how these kind of API response works.
Wallet address is always the name of the collection returned, with the array I’m interested to inside, so I must have to manipulate the raw response replacing the address with a fixed name like “my_wallet” and then parse it as json.
In this way I’m able to pass a variable like “my_wallet.layer_2.erc20” and grab the fields I’m interested to.
This thanks to Make, very handy!