API Connector Authentication

I want to use Customer.io API to send an event that will trigger an email. The instructions for authentication are as follows:

Basic Auth (Tracking API Key)

The Track API uses a basic authentication scheme. Your credentials are your Site ID and your API key, Base-64 encoded in the format site_id:api_key.

When I enter in my Site ID and API Key encoded in Base64, I still get a status code 401 error.

Can someone explain how to fix it?



Can you share api connector settings? You could use basic auth or use private key in header
When you encode in base64, this should be private key in header.

Here are my api connector settings.

I followed the instructions for encoding in base64. Maybe I am entering in the site_id: api_key improperly. Here is the cURL example on the documentation:

–header “Authorization: Basic $(echo -n site_id:api_key | base64)” \

I am using this site to convert my site_id and api_key: https://www.base64encode.org/

How should I enter this information into the key value? I think that’s what’s tripping me up.



I figured it out. Turns out I just had to google “basic authenticator header generator” and found this site:

Works like a charm.