API Connector call is not selectable in workflows menu

I’ve made and tested a simple call to an API I’m running myself, but oddly enough the workflow action does not show up anywhere I want to access it. I’ve had success making and using other API calls using the API Connector plugin, but this new one does not seem to let me call it at all.
I’ve tested the call both in Postman and using the initialize call button in the API Connector UI itself, and it works perfectly fine.
Settings I’m using for the call:

Does anyone have any idea what’s causing this?

There are two types of calls, Action and Data. This one is configured as an Action and so shows up as a workflow action.

Change it to Data (or copy it and change that copy’s “use as” to Data and it will show as a target in expression builder.

The issue is that it did not show up as a workflow action, which is what I wanted. After reinstalling and remaking the call a couple of times it worked though. Still have no idea what the issue was.

Various folks have seen this happen. It does seem that sometimes a call might go missing and needs to be recreated. It could also have been that the call needed to be reinitialized, etc… glad u got it sorted!