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API Connector - "CERT_UNTRUSTED" response

Hi …has anyone experienced the API Connector returning a “CERT_UNTRUSTED” response to an attempted request to an external source? My https GET works perfectly from Postman, etc, but results in this response when attempted from within Bubble.


Hi all –

The API Connector is reporting the below when I try and initialise the API data source from within Bubble:


However, I have checked with the API data source, and they say they do not return any such response. They say that this message is being generated by API Connector? My GET request using Postman or etc results in the data source correctly returning CSV data, but when I setup the GET inside the API Connector and try and initialise the connection (from Bubble), the API Connector displays the “CERT_UNTRUSTED” message.

Any ideas?


When you need help for this like this you should post a link to a real app and say how to reproduce. Screenshots aren’t really enough here, it’s hard to help without the actual case.