Api Error Bubble problem? CERT_UNTRUSTED

Hey there!
Im creating a plugin; Get Response plugin and something is not working properly with bubble.
Because in postman (same settings) works perfect, call works, but from bubble get this CERT_UNTRUSTED error.

How to recreate (i tested with postman and works perfect).

Make a POST call to this url: https://api.getresponse.com/v3/contacts
X-Auth-Token: api-key bbe79839505ade23dd3d2b2c1eea83f1
Content-Type: application/json

JSON body:

“email”: “anymail@anymail.com”,
“campaign”: {
“campaignId”: “4YP3g”

You can change mail to whatever (the first call will work) and you will get a reply from the server, if you make another call with the same mail you will get a duplicate error. (its okay that).

So where is the problem?
Maybe is the lagg issue have any kind of relation with this problem?
Im experimenting some problems with other plugins too.

PD: Dont worry about the API keys, i can reset them, delete them just dont wanted you to create all new keys just for test pruposes.



I would like to see a solution to this problem…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This is a message saying that the SSL certificate of the API provider cannot be trusted. You should reach out to the provider and ask them for help, they probably need to update the certificate.

Hey there @emmanuel thanks for your reply, but im not very sure this is an Getresponse issue… i mean they have a lot of apis connected and i dont think they missed to update a certificate.

After postman i did more test with other tools like Hurlit and Apitester and works fine too…

API TESTER: https://puu.sh/yZnmD/ca4653318e.mp4 (30 sec vid)

Hurlit: https://puu.sh/yZnpb/f1b8b31441.mp4 (30 sec vid)

Also writed a message to Getresponse and they told me they have any issue noticed, their service is working with any reported problems

So if there’s a certificate problem why those 3 services can make the call? Postman, hurlit and api tester? If there’s a problem with the certificate shoudnt have problems all the same thing?

Thanks! We get in touch

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Hello @emmanuel this is the reply from getresponse:


Thank you for contacting us.

Please communicate bubble platform, that they have to
update-ca-certificates on their servers.

If there’s anything else we can help you with,
please let us know.

Michał Pierzchalski
Software Developer

So they say isn’t their problem. Can you please check again with devs if its bubble issue?


Hey there, we investigated further and it does look like we can fix on our end. We are deploying a fix and it should be working later today

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Hi, I really want this Getresponse integration. Now I have to do it with Zapier, but I want to do it directly without zapier. Hope to hear from you!