API Connector custom oauth2 token multi-user authentication

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I want each user in my application to have their own authentication, without me having to do it manually.
How do I do this with dynamic data?

What I want is to make this data that is circulating dynamic.

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If you want users to enter their own client id and secret, you need to process manually. Change auth to none and request a token in API call instead of authotization. Use the token from this call in other calls


Thanks for the answer.

I’m new to the bubble, could you give me more details on how I should go about this?

Could someone help me please.

Hi as @Jici said you will need to process it manually.

Your user needs to provide the details (client_secret, client_id) somewhere let’s say users have two filed as text type in the database. (client_secret, client_id)

When they sign up or somewhere in the process you will need to get the values of those two fields in a workflow.

When you make the API call in your application you will see there are options (Insert Dynamic data). You will click on that and you will then be able to get the value from those fields. Or simply may be from any input fields (e.g. input client_secret’s value).

I think it is addressing this -


You will receive the bearer token from the First call if it is successful

Then use this token to make the 2nd call (/getByPhone) or other endpoints to proceed with.

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Thank you for your help.
Sorry if I’m being annoying.
But I still can’t understand.
When I remove the authentication type, there is no way for me to insert the jSon, how do I send dynamic data in the call?
Is it through the backend of the workflow?
If so, could you let me know.

I already understand that I must collect the secret_id and secret_key through an input.
But I still don’t understand how to do this authentication through the workflow.

I think this is what @Jici suggested.

Then make another call with the access token in the same section.

In your editor use a button to make the call after successfully completed the first part in API connector.

When the button is clicked create workflow. You will find it in workflow. If you don’t know how to create workflow please learn that first.

In your workflow action search the API by its name, select it you will see a box appears where with two fields (secret and id), if you click on the value you will see right side a blue button appears “Insert Dynamic Data”.

You can then insert dynamic value and get the access token.

In the second step may by you will make another API call with the access token you get from the first step based on users provided value. “Step1’s result” …

Hope it helps.


Thank you for your patience in explaining how this should be done.
I wish you every success.

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