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Running into a little issue that I hope can be solved…

I am trying to build a website that allows my users to connect to their 3rd party account. Each account on the 3rd party website needs to register my app in their account where they are given a unique App ID and App Secret Key.

What I wanted to do was create a page on my site where a user can enter in the App ID and Secret Key that I can use to initiate the oauth2 authorization flow. So each user would have their instance of the API connector that they can use to make calls to their data on the 3rd party site.

Is this possible in Bubble?

I looked into creating a plug-in to do this and that does not seem to give me anything more than the standard API connector plug-in.

Without creating an intermediary webservice as a go between, any suggestions?

Following. I know this is possible, as there’s a place in the settings for just this, and there are a few posts earlier I’ve been trying to follow, but currently stuck.

That is positive! Can you post the link to the other post? I thought I searched the forums enough before posting, but I guess I missed one.

Here’s one I’m currently going through. Still muddling through it though :frowning:

In general, these flows only need the App ID and Secret to generate a token. From there, all calls use the token. So for the call that generates the token, if you can make the App ID and Secret values dynamic, then you’re in business. You’d save the generated token and then dynamically insert that into the authorization header for all the other calls.

That might be easier said than done if ID and Secret values need to be passed with some encryption though. I’ve done it by running javascript to encode base64. It’s a handful of steps depending on what’s required of the service, but if you want to share the doc of the service you’re using specifically, I can take a look.

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@romanmg have you gotten a Zapier app to work correctly yet?

Currently working on a solution - but stuck at the redirects.

Any ideas on how to set this up?