API Connector Data Call - Duplicate Calls?

Afternoon bubblers,

So I’ve got an interesting question about how the API connector plugin handles duplicate data requests. I’ve got an app set up with an API call in the connector. The API call is set to the “data” type so that I can reference it as data. However, the API I am using is rate limited, and can also return errors in a number of other cases (such as invalid paramaters).

Ideally, I’d like to show a message to the user (such as “data cannot be retrieved at this time”) when the API call doesn’t return valid data or returns an error. For a database item, I would just add a conditional (e.g. “When parent group’s Thing’s field is empty -> This element is visible”). However, if I were to do this with the API call, I would end up having the API call referenced in multiple places in the app (displayed to the user and in the error check conditional).

My concern is that every reference to the API will cause a new API call to be sent. Since the API is rate-limited, this behavior is especially not desired.

Does anyone familiar with the bubble internals know if duplicate references to API calls are consolidated?

Hi All,

Does anyone know how we can apply rate limiting to our API Endpoint? I’m using one of my Bubble app as an API. I’m currently doing a search for the database to find tokens/dates used.

Update: I got the solution by putting a conditional statement on the API endpoint itself.

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