API Connector - Dealing with API Rate Limits

One of the services I’m using to send out emails has an API rate limit of ~130 for every 60 seconds. When I hit the limit, their service returns the rate limit error (the message error contains information about how long this limit is in place…usually less than a minute). For javascript/nodejs folks, I’m looking to replicate setTimeout via the Bubble no-code way.

Does anyone have ideas on how to pause a workflow run inside of Bubble for the duration that is provided as a response?

Giving this a bump as can’t find an answer and this is unanswered.

I have an API GET Call and have a limit on send per minute (120). In my instance I have a list of recipients the workflow will need to go through. So say I have 400 recipients, is there a way I can get bubble to do this in chunks until complete?

@dan8, I think you can do this by scheduling api workflow recursively.
So you will define an api workflow that will contain an action to perform on a chunk (120) and schedules itself to be called after say 2 mins. The api workflow will be given the full list at the start and once a chuck is processed that chuck is removed from the new list for the rescheduling.
So you will have a condition on the api workflow that checks if the list is not empty.


Thanks @seanhoots I will check it out shortly. Have never really used scheduled workflows so will be good to tackle finally.