API Connector - Dynamic Get URL

I’m using API Connector to get data from an RSS feed. I’ll be getting data from a lot of RSS feeds. In the API connector tool you have to input a URL here

I’m wondering if I can make that URL dynamic?

If I’m not able to do that, then I’m wondering is it possible to create a new call using a Bubble workflow?

Yes, put it in square brackets …



Did you get this done? May you put the print of the solve issue here? I put the brackets with the .xml addresses, but turn back a error.

For me it doesn’t work if I want to have the whole URL dynamic. It won’t work if I just put [] in to the field for the url. Does anybody know how to war around that?

You need to type something between the square brackets to act as a placeholder - e.g. [url] before it will work.

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That was easy - I should have tried that myself! Thanks a lot Adam!!!

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Hi, were you able to make it work? I understood how to define the url as a parameter, but where do I actually set it during a call? It doesn’t seem to be an option when making the call via a Bubble action.

Uncheck ‘private’ on the parameter. It’ll then be available for dynamic data.

Setting the type to ‘action’ will make the call available as a workflow option.

Yep. My stupid. Thanks.