Using dynamic parameters in API URL


I need to send dynamic parameters in an API URL that are part of a filter but I can’t seem to make it work. Below is a snap of the URL and parameter. This works but isn’t dynamic.

What I’m trying to accomplish is something like this:

Can anyone advise me on how to send dynamic parameters like this?


I hope the silence doesn’t mean it’s not possible. :grimacing:


I’m not sure what you mean when you say “This works but isn’t dynamic”?..

When you add [] in the API URL whatever is between those brackets can be set dynamically (providing the Private box is not checked, which it’s not) in your workflow or, in your case (as the Use As is set to Data), in a datasource.

So you set the dynamic value when you make the API call in your app.

im also looking for this answer. You got the solution?

Use square brackets, like it tells you to…