API Connector - Field could be optional

@emmanuel - Could you add an option for each field : “Ignore if empty” ?

Exemple 1 : Many fields are options, such as using “customer” to filter the query

Exemple 2 : To access our Stripe’s Connected-Account, we have to add "Connected-Account’ ID’ in the header.
API calls are exaclty the same than the ones for our own account, so I have to do all the call twice.


Yeah I’ll have a look.

Just saw your update, thanks.
For Stripe, to act on behalk of Connected Accounts instead of our own account, the “Stripe-Account” field is in the header.
Could you make header fields optional as well please ? Then, as explained before, I would be able to edit one plugin for Stripe instead of two.

Yeah I’ll add that.


I can’t seem to send empty values on a Post Action.
I think this plugin needs an Optional check on ACTION to ignore when the value is empty.