[PLUGIN] Stripe API ToolBox with support for Connect Standard/Express

Some highlights

  • Support for Stripe Connect or directly without using connect
  • Support for Marketplace integrations with Connect Standard/Express
  • Disconnect from Connected Accounts
  • Connect Direct Charges
  • Connect Destination Charges (if you wish to control the customers&plans)
  • Support for metered usage plans

Available calls on release:

  • Stripe Connect oAuth (Server-Side call)
  • Fetch Account ID (complete Connect Standard connection)
  • Disconnect Connected Account
  • Create a Card Token
  • Create a Source (for a Card Token)
  • Attach Source to Customer
  • Create a Charge (with shipping details support)
  • GET Balance (also supports Connected Accounts, Data & Action)
  • SCA Checkout Session for Future Payments
  • SCA Checkout Session for Subscriptions
  • GET Subscription details (DATA&ACTION)
  • Cancel a Subscription(Connected account support)
  • Create a Subscription (Support for Connected Accounts or without connected accounts and destination charges if you wish to have control on the products & customers)

Editor link: Stripe-connect-standard | Bubble Editor

Demo: https://stripe-connect-standard.bubbleapps.io/version-test/standard-connect

Service link


  • Added ability to create usage records for Subscription plans with metered usage on Stripe accounts/Connected Accounts.

Is this like the Stripe Library Plugin?

I have no knowledge of that Plugin, it seems they have calls related to SCA. This plugin however supports dynamic passphrases, allowing some really cool stuff =) Thanks for pointing out that plugin.

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Updated new calls:

  • Create a Customer (with address & shipping details)
  • SCA Checkout Session for single payments
  • Doc page explaining all available calls: Available API's - No-Code Venture

Updated library

  • Create a Payment Intent, with support for Connected Accounts and Connected Groups and application fees
  • Capture a Payment Intent
  • Confirm a Payment Intent
  • List Cards of a Customer
  • Updated Documentation Glossary: API Glossary - No-Code Venture

Updated library

  • Create a Transfer to a connected account
  • Updated documentation glossary
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  • Support for Connect Express
  • Renamed plugin to Stripe Connect Standard/Express
  • Request capabilities API call


  • Express - Create a login Link


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  • Create a Product with Connect Account support & images
  • Updated plugin description


  • Retrieve account capabilities for connected accounts (Action&Data)

Important update based on feedback from Users. Please update to 1.29.0. The reason behind the change is the complexity and the use-case would be too general. Should you need a specific version with dynamic headers, please reach out to me and we’ll make that happen =)

  • Removed Dynamic Authorization header
  • Updated Connected Account description, it’s optional.
  • Updated docs & plugin description.

Make sure you update your keys on the Plugins tab.


  • Template showcase (not published) https://marketplacecanvas.bubbleapps.io/version-test/seller
  • Retrieve Currency Symbol for Connected Accounts (not a native Stripe feature, we custom-coded this)
  • Added more fields to Create Invoice
  • Bug-fix on Express Login Link
  • More fields for manual payouts
  • Added subscription field for Create Invoice Items
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Update to the Stripe API

  • Configure Stripe Settings for Manual, daily or automatic payouts for Express Accounts
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Update to the stripe api

  • Renamed Plugin to: Stripe API Payments + Marketplace
  • Added List of Transfers
  • Added Reverse Transfer

Does the plugin have support for integrating with the Stripe Terminal for In-Person payments?