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API Connector for Google API

Continuing the discussion from API Connector for Google APIs (Google Drive):

I’ve trying to follow those instructions and others but the API keep returning errors.

Is there any good documentation (for non developers :D) that would help me troubleshoot my setup?

The service apiconnector2-bTMPQ did not return an ID for this user. The user cannot be logged in. Please check your settings or reach out to the plugin author.

Can you post a screenshot of your API Connector settings?


Also tried with multiple scopes

no success

tried a bunch of other profile endpoints, no success.

So apparently this is working for authentication

On the other hand I still couldnt create a folder.

I got it to work on the Google testing tool but not with Bubble. No error message either.

Found the issue, this was necessary for post requests

I couldn’t make it work neither. Can you help me ? :slight_smile:

did you try my last screenshots ?

Yes, I tried everything, but I think I’m not calling them in a good way in my app. I’ll try other things untill it works