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'API Connector did not return an ID for this user'

Hi All,

Apologies if this is an obvious fix, but I’m stuck with the Bubble API connector OAuth2 User-Agent flow.

I’m trying to allow users to pull in data from their Sleep Health wearable (Oura ring). I’ve got the calls working manually with a personal access token, but when I try to authenticate using the Bubble social login flow, I keep getting the same error message on setup:

API Connector Bubble Oauth2 Error

This message pops up after taking me to the Oura authentication page, with the correct scope checkboxes checked etc. and asking to grant access to my app.

From what I can see, it actually is returning a user id, along with the access token and refresh token (I’ve used these strings and they work when run manually or on Postman).

Not sure what I’ve done wrong in setting up the flow, but here’s my setup:

If anyone has run into this, or can help in any way, will be greatly appreciated!