API Connector for Google APIs (Google Drive)

EDIT: Read 2nd response below for answers to API connector settings for Google OAuth.

@jarrad put together a great overview (Link) of how to get your client ID and Secret keys for setting up to use various Google Product APIs.

I’m now stuck with the API connector and am unsure what type of OAuth2 to choose.

I feel like this is a simple answer, but after several hours research yesterday I still couldn’t find the clear answer for what all I should be filling out, and if I’ve even using the right type of OAuth for Google.

Could someone help me to understand what kind of oauth I should be using for the API connector?
I was able to connect to Google Drive using Google OAuth Playground, unfortunately the connection fields didn’t match up with what I see in Bubble.

Also was unable to get it to work/connect via postman.

The outcome I’m hoping to choose is to use all of the Google Drive storage that I have to host the image uploads for my apps and use that as the main file database to write and read images from.

Thank you in advance!


Found the solution…

Hats off to @brentsum’s course on setting up a calendar booking app.

Following the instructions there I was able to get the OAuth settings I was looking for to learn how to use the API connector and get it synced up to google drive. The image below is more of a reference, but if you are stuck like I was, I would recommend Brent’s course (here)

Authentication: OAuth2 User-Agent Flow
App Secret & Dev. App Secret: [UNIQUE TO YOUR APP]
Scope: [UNIQUE TO WHICH GOOGLE API YOU ARE USING - EG: https://www.googleapis.com/auth/drive
Authentication Goes in the Header: Yes
Header Key: Authorization: Bearer
Add access_type=offilne (Google APIs): Yes
Login dialog redirect: Sign in - Google Accounts
Access token endpoint: https://accounts.google.com/o/oauth2/token
User profile endpoint: [UNIQUE TO WHICH GOOGLE API YOU ARE USING EG: https://www.googleapis.com/drive/v2/files]

Then to test you can set a workflow on a button to: Signup/Login with a Social Network, and then select the new API that you just setup.


NOTE: There may be some errors or a better way to do this, so please feel free to make amendments. I am extremely new here, and hopefully this little guide will help someone save the hours that I spent trying to track down info on api connector and google api oauth documentation yesterday :slight_smile:


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