API Connector not initializing with no updates

The API connector issue when Initializing a Call, and nothing has changed in the API call - I was testing something on the re-initialization. The error below is thrown, and I believe it’s within Bubble as nothing in the call has changed AND this command works in Postman with the same command.

"There was an issue setting up your call.

Cannot read property ‘toLowerCase’ of undefined"


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And the API call is…?

It’s an internal API that’s not working, but it’s now working.

I also have the same problem now. How did you fix it?

Same issue here. I cannot make it work, tried everything!

Let’s hope that it’s some bug and Bubble repairs it quickly…

Please, if anyone has any solution, share with us!

How did you fix it?

It was working for a bit, but then the error re-surfaced again. It wouldn’t initialize earlier when I was working with it. Hopefully resolved soon.

I’m having the same problem connecting to the OpenAI API

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