Bubble app connector action


“use as” piece of my api connector is only giving me the data option. I am unable to use the action type because i am not presented the option.

I have input the correct client ID and secrets, but it still does not give me the option. I have tried messing around with privacy settings and making sure everything I need to allow is in order.

Any thoughts?

Send a screenshot of the relevant backend workflow you’re trying to call.

I need to send one Data Type from this button:

to then trigger this wf with that data;

You just need to use the schedule an API workflow action.

and i can schedule that from one app to another?

Oh, they’re in different apps. Send a screenshot of your App Connector configuration, and the backend workflow’s settings (e.g is it public…)

i cant seem to send the data i need from app a (second picture) to app b (first picture) in that same workflow