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How to connect API connector to amazon S3 API?

I feel overwhelmed with amazon docs regarding their APIs, spent too long trying to figure this simple one out.
i’m a simple man, I just want to connect amazon AWS API with API connector plugin to fetch images from my S3 bucket to show it in my bubble app. But with the information in their website i have no idea where to start.
so, If anyone has any experience with this please help me out or at least show me the right path.



Trying to do the exact same thing…hope someone from bubble will respond to this.

@emmanuel @josh Any word on this? A Bubble-built AWS plugin would be epic and unlock so much potential.

What would it take to get this done?

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I agree, I have an app I spent over a year developing and the storage and upload limitations of Bubble stopped me dead in my tracks. There is no way around needing expanded capabilities. To me it’s the biggest negative aspect of this platform. It would be awesome if Bubble offered a comprehensive solution.

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100% agreed. Storage is crucial for me as well, but the serious limitations of Bubble’s storage features have prevented me from continuing.