API Connector- Post request- variable in body from Input text

I want to make a post by clicking on button . The input text will be taken and placed inside body request in dynamic variable [name].
This is what i have done until now in ‘Api connector’ plugin
Configured request:

You need to uncheck ‘Private’ if you want to be able to set it parameter value dynamically from a workflow.

@adamhholmes thanks.
I have unchecked ‘Private’. What should i add in value field?
And How what should i do in design, so when a button is clicked an api request will take the name from input text?

Before you can use the call in your app you’ll need to initialize it. So you can put any valid entry in the name field to initialize it (note that initializing the call will actually run it, so whatever value you use here will be used in an actual call).

Then to run the call in your app, run a workflow when the button is clicked, select the call (from the plugins action list), and use the input’s value as the dynamic value for ‘name’.


@adamhholmes thanks:] it worked.

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