API Connector: Problem Iterating Update Database

I’m wondering why my API call is not iterating through my entire table. I managed to get all details of the first item without issues, but it is not iterating through the table for other entries.

My log:



As you can see - I thought that by adding the action “Create” when “Search for X:count is 0” would help, but it doesn’t.

There are 2223 entries, but it stops at the first.

I’ve added an iteration count, but the problem still persists.

your backend workflow is not setup to run recursively…do some searches on the forum regarding recursive backend workflows to see how they are setup, you’ll likely find some posts with comments from me describing how to do this exact thing (ie: API call results in recursive backend workflow to save to db)

Thank you for your kind reply.

I’ve referred to your reply on the post Schedule API workflow on a list to add to a Thing’s list - Need help / Database - Bubble Forum.

I’ve now set it up as such:

Frontend, triggered from a button:

My logs show that my list popper isn’t “popping” as I expected it to, and only one new entry of vouchers was created after running the workflow.

Any guidance is much appreciated.

because you are using a schedule backend workflow on a list instead of schedule backend workflow

I’ve changed it to schedule backend workflow as you’ve said, but it’s still returning me only one entry.

My list popper log shows all entries of the API call (each API call returns me 10 items, and my popper shows all 10). It didn’t pop one by one. It did correctly create one database entry with only the first API data, but it stopped there.

My last step in my backend workflow to make it recursive is as above. Since the list doesn’t pop - it goes on infinitely, but only with the first API entry.

If the list popper plugin is not working you should reach out the plugin developer

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