API Connector - Rightmove Realtime data feed


I am trying to use the API connector to connect to the Righmove.co.uk real time feed (for uploading our properties to the website)

I have all the credentials but on trying to initialise I get the message:

There was an issue setting up your call.

error:06065064:digital envelope routines:EVP_DecryptFinal_ex:bad decrypt

Can anyone give any pointers or anyone out there willing to help with this for a fee?

This is the Rightmove feed spec https://media.rightmove.co.uk/ps/pdf/guides/adf/Rightmove_Real_Time_Datafeed_Specification.pdf



Signature problem? Can you get it to work in Postman?


I have not tried Postman. I am making some progress now though. I converted the security cert from Private Key to an RSA Private Key and that has allowed some progress. I am now failing on Authentication as I can’t figure out where to put the private key password.

I found this useful article in the last few minutes. Rightmove documentation doesn’t provide much assistance on this part!

Progress is a good thing.

My experience with getting Bubble to play well with others is to get it to work in Postman first. It makes it easier to translate into what Bubble ‘wants’.

I’ll give it a go! Something else to learn.

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In this case, I am not sure getting it to work in Postman first is the thing to be doing first.

Postman handles sending the certificate … I am not so sure Bubble will do this.

So that would be my first port of call - can bubble send a configured SSL certificate via the API connector ?


Thanks. I think we can do this as I have progressed a little. What I am struggling with is sending the certificate password.

First I was getting a decode error. I then changed the certificate type and that seemed to progress me to a 403 not authenticated error. So I think the certificate is working but I’m struggling to see how to send the password.

Hmmm, well outside my area now. Interest in how you get on.