Shared parameters in GET call

Alright all you plugin geniuses…I am setting up a plugin that will have a few dozen api GET calls. I need to provide a common apiKey parameter in the url, and I’d like a common base url. I’ve been able to make those work easily by placing them on each individual call so that these values can be set from the user plugin page.

My question is, how can this be done once for all calls, rather than having to enter for each call? There is a shared parameters setting, but I’m not seeing how to reference that in the GET url.

Can this be done?

Related, shouldn’t the Private Key in URL work for this? I can’t get that working either.

Luckily it all works on the individual calls, but hoping to consolidate.

I noticed this issue the other day when implementing oAuth manually.

You can’t access the shared header or parameters, or dynamically set them in workflow, because there is not a “Public” value. Maybe we can get the @Bubble team to add the value?

The individual calls have “Public”, along with “Hidden” and “Secret”.

Thanks for checking in here Keith.

That actually won’t help me personally, as I don’t want these public, I want them secret so they become parameters on the plugin page rather than settable in actions, etc. Also so the api key is not shared in the client.

Either of these are what I’m trying to do:

Self-handled using a shared parameter:

Or using the Private key in URL:

I think shared items automatically get added, no need to try to reference them in the individual calls.

I’m having this exact same issue, and the shared parameters aren’t being added automatically. I paste them into the individual call and it works, I paste them into the “shared parameters” section and they no longer work.
Have you guys here, or anyone else, figured out how these shared parameters are inserted in the URL?

Not me…I went the same route as you, just copied them into individual calls…it was just easier than finding the root problem.

Well… a bit more manual work then. No big issue anyway. Thank you for answering!

Was this issue ever resolved?

As per vini_brito’s comment - using them in individual calls works as expected but in “shared parameters” or “shared headers” it does not.


Thanks for raising the question - hoping for some answers too!

Can we bump this? As far as I can tell, there’s nothing in the documentation about this. What purpose do these shared parameters serve if they don’t get added to calls?

Yes, this is a topic that should get some attention.
Please @Bubble, helps us out here.

PS: @shot62 , this is linked to your other post : API Authentication With 2 "Shared" Parameters?

This issue is still an issue, isn’t it? Shared parameters aren’t working for me either, in 2021.

It seems to still be an issue.

In my case, I would like to use a different API base URL depending on the environment (integration/staging/production), but I have to put the information into every endpoint.

Could be that there is an easier / more appropriate approach, but it would have been great to be able to refer to the shared parameters when specifying the URL to the endpoint.

Even better if we could refer to it AND adjust it in real time using code.

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Hello folks,

I can’t find a way to add the shared parameter as well. Did someone figure out how it works? It seems to be the issue of those posts as well:

As a workahound, I’m adding manually in each call the parameter that should be “shared” among them.


I’ve raised this as a bug to Bubble support to try and get some traction

Response from Bubble Support

When shared parameters are added to an API and the call type is GET, those shared parameters will automatically add extra query string parameters to the URL of the API call.

As an example:
• For the following API call,

the URL for the Get Song API call will be:

• But when shared parameters are added,

    the shared parameters will automatically add to the extra query strings to the URL when the call is reinitialized:

You will not need to further reference the shared parameter when initializing an API call as they will be automatically added to the URL.

However, Shared parameters only add to “Existing Parameters” if at least one is defined in the API call. The following API call will return 0 results because “Get Song” does not contain any parameters:

I hope this helps clarify for everyone, they mentioned that they will update/improve the documentation.

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