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API Connector "Use [] for params" - Am I doing this right?

How is this supposed to work? I would like to dynamically add text to the end of my GET/POST/UPDATE/DELETE calls based on the workflow being ran.

I wish there was more visual documentation for the API connector… I know Bubble is small and growing and will get there, but providing clear documentation for all “shipped” features is the ONLY way new adopters of Bubble will have the confidence to build the next big thing. Right now, I am unsure of half the things I am doing and constantly have to hunt the forums or make a dozen mistakes in a row before coming to an “ah ha!” moment at 3am.

Any road map for potentially hiring out the documentation building? I think a part time team of 2 people could easily accomplish this task in <90 days. Is that a feature you would allow the Bubble community to sponsor @emmanuel @josh?

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Hey @philip,

You’re so close! Just insert some text in between your brackets to reveal a parameter field row. Not only will you be able to edit that parameter right in the API Connector plugin, but you’ll also get access to it in your workflow as long as the call type is set to Action (which you do!) and the parameter itself is not marked as private.

I totally hear you with regards to the documentation. CoBubble started out in the same position you and many other Bubblers are in today - that’s why we exist today! Feel free to pop in a session if you ever need help. :slight_smile: