API Connector Struggle: Only Password and Username, No Key

Trying to get the connector to work. I have been entering the username and password under the HTTP Basic Auth setting. It keeps coming up with an error. If I “Manually enter API response” the calls will show up in the editor but the API will not show up under add external API.

Here are pictures of what I currently have:

From the screenshot it seems that there is an issue with the certificate of the API you are trying to connect to.
Once that is resolved it should be smooth sailing from there on.

@andrewjohnson56782 how could that be resolved? When I enter the API url in a browser it works perfectly.

Under the api settings press “Add parameters” Enter “customerName” (or whatever it is in [] brackets in your url).

Under value, insert a working value and press initialize call. Then the api should be setup, and you can use it in your apps.