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Need advice configuring the API connector

Hi all,

I’m trying to connect to an API using the API connector but I keep getting an error response when attempting to Initialize Call.

Example URL:

Example JSON:

    "authentication": {
        "accountKey": " accountKey 123",
        "propertyKey": " propertyKey 123"
    "propertyID": 12345,
    "from": "20210819",
    "to": "20210920"

I have tried adding the accountKey and propertyKey keys/values under headers as seen here

as well as parameters and appended to the URL, however I keep getting the same error.

Can anyone offer some advice as to how this may be configured? Thanks in advance

It really depends on the docs of the target API
Can you share them?

Sorry, do you mean an example of the response?

I mean a little more information about this API
For example, what are the allowed API endpoints, what is the authentication protocol, what JSON data does it expect and what JSON data does it respond with